The Mimbres Valley

Way out here information is scattered and can be hard to come by, so we’ve listed the most common questions we get about the area, and provided answers.

Q: Where is the nearest store?

The Mimbres Valley has one gas station with a restaurant: La Tienda/El Resturante del Sol at Mile Marker 1 Highway 35, an organic market: Valle de Mimbres at Mile Marker 1.5 Highway 35, and a bakery/restaurant: Living Harvest Bakery/Three Questions Café at Mile Marker 2.5 Highway 35.

Q: What are my Internet options?

A large majority of the valley is equipped for DSL internet. The main internet providers in this area are WNM interactive and

Q: What’s the weather like?

The weather is fantastic!!! You’ll hear the term ‘four gentle seasons’ a lot around here and that is true most of the time…. though I have seen ice storms in April! Temperatures in the winter do often drop below freezing at night in the months of January and February especially, but often the sun warms up the temps to the 50s or even 60s. Layering is key as you will often end up shedding layers on warmer days. We do get snow, but often only an inch or few at a time… and that often melts quickly unless the cold snap last several days. If you want more snow you can drive north up the highway to higher elevations. In the spring we often see flowers begin waking up sometime in March. The southwest spring is windy so hold onto your hat. Although you may be tempted to plant your garden in April it would be wise to wait until at least mid-May or even after Memorial Day as we often have sudden cold snaps up here in the mountains in spring. Summer temps often top out at about 90 degrees and most often are between 75-80 degrees most days. The monsoon season starts sometime around July 4th bringing lightning, heavy rains and flooding and beautiful double rainbows! Fall is mild and perhaps the most pleasant season of all. We often have 70+ degree days well into November. The leaf change along the Mimbres River is a sight to see.

Q: How often does the river flood? Is it bad?

The river floods most often at summer monsoon season. The river floods significantly on average 2-3 times a year. The water often recedes within a matter of hours, but if there is a lot of rain and the ground is saturated it may last for several days.

Q: How many people live here?

Less than 1,000 people live in the Mimbres Valley. Silver City has a population of around 10,000. The entire population of Grant County is about 30,000.

Q: What kind of animals do you see here?

Deer, elk, antelope, black bear, mountain lion, bobcat, coati, raccoon, ring-tail cat, coyote, wolf, fox, cottontail rabbit, jacktail rabbit, quail, turkey, blue heron, ducks, hawks, eagles, vultures, hummingbirds, endless songbirds, and many more!

Q: Where is the nearest doctor?

We have a small clinic in Mimbres that is open several days a week. The HMS Clinic is located around mile marker 1 Highway 35. We have a local ambulance and paramedics here in the valley. Most medical facilities are in Silver City, 25 miles away.

Q: Where is the nearest Fire Department?

We have a dedicated volunteer fire dept. in both the upper Mimbres Valley and the lower Mimbres Valley. There are also fire departments in Silver City and Bayard.

Q: Why are there cattle on the road?

Cattle often roam here ‘open range’. No fences!! Look for the road sign that indicates this and watch out for those cattle.

Q: Where is the closest airport?

Grant County Airport in Hurley, 10 miles east of Silver City, offers flights with, providing 17 nonstop routes each week to Albuquerque (ABQ) and 7 nonstop routes each week to Phoenix Sky Harbor using the twin-engine 9 seat King Air 350 aircraft.

A small private airstrip is available for light aircraft at Whiskey Creek Airport on the east edge of Silver City. Closest major airports are in El Paso (about 2 ½ hours away), Tucson (about 3 ½ hours away), and Albuquerque (about 4 ½ hours away).