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La Paloma Real Estate has helped make the dream of country living a reality since 2009. Founder and licensed broker Tim Donovan has spent his life in the country, and the better part of two decades making sure others can do the same.

Located in the heart of the historic Mimbres Valley on the edge of the Gila Wilderness, we know the people, places, and properties — if you are looking for a broker with knowledge, expertise, and a commitment to personal service, look no further.

From water rights, to subdivision, to grazing rights, to dealing with the State Engineer’s Office, we made it our business to know everything we can about the practical and legal aspects of owning property in the region. We can help you with the processes and the people involved in your purchase of large land holdings and rural properties near and in the Gila National Forest.

Buying or selling a home? Need an answer to that real estate question? Please don’t hesitate to call us, 575-519-0970.

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Tim Donovan

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Ranch-raised on the high plains of Colorado and Wyoming, Tim attended the University of Colorado and took a degree in English literature with post graduate work at the University of Northern Colorado. He spent a checkered career as a Cowboy, Writer, Gambler, Entrepreneur, Teacher and Raconteur. He also taught school for a few years and was the publisher of Properties Magazine. He traveled extensively in the American West, Mexico, Belize and Guatemala. For the last fifteen years he has been a Real Estate Broker in the Mimbres Valley and environs of Silver City, New Mexico. He specializes in Country Property, Land development, and Real Estate Investment.

Tim has been a country guy all his life, rarely without a saddlehorse or cow dog hanging around. He’s comfortable with issues like acres and water rights, public lands, grazing capacity, fences and weather. He can find the corners on hard to get to mountain tracts and will introduce you to the neighbors. He knows where the big trees break into high desert and where to catch fish or call turkeys. If it is country living you are after, Tim Donovan is the guy you need to meet.

Born and raised in the Midwest, Jenny spent her youth in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois, but left for Tucson, AZ, to attend graduate school. Having never been west of the Mississippi, she instantly fell in love with the Sonoran desert, and the large mountains within it, the “sky islands.” While there she earned a Masters in archaeology, a field that fascinates her to this day. After school she opened the Ordinary Bicycle Shop in Tucson with her husband Doug, which they operated for fifteen years, winning “best bicycle shop” in Tucson for a dozen years in a row. Ten years ago they sold the shop. Their kids were young, and they wanted them to grow up somewhere more wild and free, and less crowded. They bought land on the Mimbres river, built their own house, and put down deep roots in the Mimbres Valley.

Jenny has worked for Tim for five years, licensed for three. She loves real estate work, meeting new people, exploring the area, architecture, interior design, nature, reading maps and surveys, and all the ‘treasure seeking’ and problem-solving aspects of hunting for and closing on that perfect property. “I will be with you every step of the way … including continued help for clients after the property closes !”